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I’m a Q2A developer. You can find me in the Q2A Q&A site under the pupi1985 username.

My contributions to the Q2A core

You can check my pull requests to the Q2A core in this link. If you want to thank me for the time I spent in this free project developing core features, performance improvements and bugfixes that users of your forum are enjoying while you’re reading this, then you can send me a donation using PayPal.

My plugins

Every year I develop a couple of plugins. I try to bring to Q2A ideas that are either innovative or proven to work in other platforms. Here is a list of them:

PC - Profile Customizer

Allows the customization of the profile page by adding additional features not present in the core, including tracking of point changes.
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BCG - Bulk Content Generator

Allows admins to generate large amounts of content on their sites simply by uploading files (.xls, .xlsx, .ods, among other file formats).
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JABP - Just A Bump Plugin

Allows users to bump questions sending them to the top of the All activity section.
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UR - User Reactions

Allows users to react to questions, answers and comments.
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DM - Dynamic Mentions

Allows users to be mentioned using the @user syntax.
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Extends the way in which Q2A searches for posts and allows the user to get better results when searching.
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TUB - Temporary User Block

Allows users to be blocked for a period of time and then be automatically unblocked.
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SNP - Social Network Profiles

Allows users to add information about social networks they are part of and share it with the community.
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RA - Random Avatar

Assigns new users a random avatar from a given set immediately after registering.
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MTL - Maximum Tag Length

Limits the amount of characters allowed per each question tag.
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FC - Fake Cron

Fires events after a certain amount of requests or in a time-based manner (daily, weekly, monthly).
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Premium plugins can be tested from this link.

Q2A services

I also provide on-demand Q2A support. This includes customizations, setup and plugin development. If you need assistance, feel free to request an estimation filling this form.