Just A Bump Plugin

Allows users to bump questions sending them to the top of the All activity section


Product code: JABP

Main features [read more]

Bump questions to revive attention on them

Pin questions to keep them always on top of question lists

Use points to pay per bump or pin

Plugin will be sent to the PayPal’s email address used for the purchase and up to 48 hours later. If other payment means are needed, feel free to send me a message


In general, an interesting question that hasn’t received the attention it deserved, usually gets lost in time. In order to get it back to the top of the All Activity section, users have to add/edit answers, comments and the question itself. Some users even add comments like “Bump”.

The plugin adds a button to the question that formalizes the bump itself. For example, this is what the question looks like before:

Question before bump

And this is what it looks like after performing the bump:

Question after bump

This bumped state is also reflected in the All activity section:

Question list after bump

The plugin also allows the user to pin questions. In this case, the questions stick to the top of the question lists, no matter if other questions got updated after it. Here is an example:

Question after pinning

Questions can be bumped or pinned by any allowed user. Permission system is extensive.

It is also possible to use a widget to display pinned questions. This is what the widget looks like:

Pinned questions widget

To sum up, these are the features:

  • Bump questions to send them to the top of the All activity list
  • Pin questions to send them to the top of question lists
  • Display the bumped update in both: the question view and the activity list
  • Ability to pay per bump and pay per pin using points as a currency
  • Customize the amount of time to pin questions
  • Bump and pin amounts per user are displayed in their profiles
  • A flexible widget can be added to display the pinned questions
  • Highly customizable permission system
  • Plenty of settings to configure in the plugin admin page
  • Very simple installation

Do not buy or install this plugin without checking its wiki page or testing it in the demo site